• Adult supervision is required at ALL times.
  • Absolutely NO Silly String - It will damage the Inflatable A $100.00 cleaning fee will be charged.
  • Remove shoes, eyeglasses, hoop earrings and any sharp objects.
  • NO gum, food or drinks.
  • NO flips, pushing, hitting or climbing on netting.
  • Do not participate if pregnant or history of neck and back injury.
  • Compatible sized children on the inflatable at the same time. Do not mix age groups or size this will increase the risk of injury.
  • Maximum weight is 250 lbs. per person on larger inflatables.
  • Do not attempt to move inflatable once it is set up.
  • Turn sprinklers off 48 hrs. prior to set.
  • Area must be a flat grassy area cleared of debris and dog Doo-Doo...We will not clean up in order to set-up.

Do Not Use Inflatables Under the Following Conditions

  • Winds In Excess of 20 MPH. Get children off immediately and turn blower off.
  • In the event of foul weather, rain, thunder storms, lightening or power outage, make sure all children exit inflatable, turn blower off and cover blower to protect from rain.
  • If inflatable starts to deflate - remove children, check all power connections, circuit breakers, air tube connected to blower. Do not attempt to fix call Big Sky Inflatables.

The Inflatables should be run in the manner in which they were made for. These rules are made to be followed to prevent damage to the Inflatables and injury to the participants. We ask that these rules be followed to insure safety for all.

Thank you for choosing Big Sky Inflatables for your event.